July 2018 | Western Australia

The Social Impact Festival is a platform for cutting-edge knowledge and ideas, celebrating initiatives creating positive change, and generating insights that address complex social problems.

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MIT Sloan School of Management

Dr Otto Scharmer

Dr Otto Scharmer is Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and Co-founder of the Presencing Institute. He also…

Director of the Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA), The University of Western Australia

Professor Paul Flatau

Professor Paul Flatau commenced as the Director of the Centre for Social Impact at the UWA Business School (CSI UWA)…

Strategic Design Manager, Centre for Social Impact UWA

Katie Stubley

Katie Stubley has been a facilitator, design strategist and community builder for over 10 years. For the last six years…

Director of Learning and Systems Innovation, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

Dr Ingrid Burkett

Ingrid Burkett is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepen social impact and facilitate social innovation. She…

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#SIFEST18 Update

@LisaJaneWood 20 Apr 2018

RT @LisaJaneWood: Visiting international homeless health expert Dr Nigel Hewett observations on how ‘doing things differently’ at a Perth…

@UWASocialImpact 19 Apr 2018

Pleased to announce we’re bringing Australian 1st to Perth this July. Join world-renowned educator, author and faci… https://t.co/I9TfjIrkuF

@CSIsocialimpact 17 Apr 2018

RT @CSIsocialimpact: CSI's Paul Flatau talking about the state of homelessness in Australia https://t.co/CbPKz85GY5 @CSIsocialimpact https:…

@UWASocialImpact 17 Apr 2018

Play your part in Amplifying Positive Impact in WA this July at #SIFest18 - EOIs now open for market stalls, Impact… https://t.co/aOFypyF5iN

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