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2018 Video Gallery

Stories of Impact captured by the digital storytelling team

 The videos below tell stories of impact and were created for the Social Impact Festival 2018. A team of volunteer digital storytellers identified and mapped stories, captured the footage on their smartphones, and edited the videos you see here. This digital storytelling project plays an important part of the festival by capturing what happened in some of the events, as well as stories of the change-makers behind the many initiatives having a significant impact in WA.

The Social Impact Festival 2018 team would like to acknowledge the hard work and passion given by all the #SIFest18 digital storytellers, as well as the mentoring and support provided by Natasha Akib from Digital Storytellers.


Join us for Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Festival as we walk together towards 2029 (200 years of colonisation in Perth) and beyond.