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Post Festival 2019

Follow up to Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Festival 2019


Kaya / Hello. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Festival, Makuru 2019. Please click here to read the 2019 festival report.

With this post we’re looking back on some of our footprints from this festival, as well as looking ahead to see how we can continue walking together towards 2029 (200 years of colonisation in Perth), and beyond. It’s great to be with you on this journey.

Magazine and Documentation
If you haven’t yet received a copy of the first issue of Social Impact, the Magazine from the Centre for Social Impact UWA, you can access a digital copy by clicking here. The plan is that the next issue of the magazine will feature highlights, photography and other documentation from the 2019 festival, as well as how we can continue walking together towards 2029 and beyond. 

Photography and Scribing
If you attended the festival and do not wish to appear in any of the photography, please let us know by sending an email to (preferably with a photo of yourself so we know which images not to use). If you wish to view the scribing work by Kelvy Bird, Zoe Street and Brooke Hill, you can do so by clicking here. You are free to use these scribing images – if you do so, please mention the context in which they were created.

Action Canvases
If you would like to fill out an action canvas, you can do so by clicking here. You can also send them through to us via email to

Festival Opening
If you wish to watch the start of the online festival opening, you can do so by clicking here.

Reading and Action List
Some people have asked for the reading and action lists offered during some of the Decolonising, Learning and Unlearning sessions on day two of the summit. This is, of course, an incomplete list but if you wish to see it you can do so by clicking here. (Please add suggestions by using the comments function, if you wish.)

Social Impact Toolkit
Please click here to view the prototype of the Social Impact Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help us all spark social impact in our own areas with an initial focus on helping to connect to place and listen to our communities. The toolkit is still in prototype form, and we are looking forward to shaping it with you going forward. If you have any ideas please let us know.

Future Events
For a list of some events coming up in the months ahead, please click here. You can also add events.

The Six Seasons
As mentioned by Elders and leaders throughout the festival, we are currently in the season of Makuru – the season of fertility, of conversations, of more questions than answers. This will be the quality of the coming year until next year’s festival which will take place during the season of Djilba – the season of incubation. For more on the six seasons, please click here. We encourage you to consider what actions you might take in the year ahead that are related to Makuru – the season of fertility.

Other Information
For more on the City of Perth Reconciliation Action Plan, please click here. For more on the Ngulluk Koolunga Ngulluk Koort (Our Children, Our Heart) Project with the Telethon Kids Institute, please click here. For more on the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and actions you can take, please check out the information in the Social Impact Magazine (see above – The Uluru Statement from the Heart, with actions that you can take, is on page 56). For more on the 2019 WA Local Government Convention, including the WALGA Forum: Building Positive Partnerships with Aboriginal Communities, please click here.

Thanks again for connecting with this movement for Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Towards 2029 and Beyond. 

We look forward to staying in touch as the next steps develop, and to connecting again soon.

Boorda / See you later,
Centre for Social Impact UWA Festival Team


Join us for Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Festival as we walk together towards 2029 (200 years of colonisation in Perth) and beyond.