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Meeka Moorart

We look forward to seeing you soon at Ni Bilyada Waanginy Listen! The Rivers are Speaking & Meeka Moorart Full Moon Celebration. Please click here if you haven’t yet registered your interest. Please find logistics information as well as a sneak-peek of the draft Moon Song below. 

STAY UPDATED: Please feel free to revisit this page for the most up-to-date event info.

TIMES: Please note the start time is from 4pm, with a finish time around 6pm, Monday August 3. The moonrise is at 5:16pm. Sunset is at 5:42pm.

LOCATION: On the grass at Gurndandulup / Matilda Bay, near Bayside Kitchen. Find Bayside Kitchen on Google Maps by clicking here.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please note that social distancing measures will apply, so please make sure to give others space – at least 1.5 metres. Please stay within your family groups/households. There will be sanitation stations with hand sanitiser. Please bring and wear a mask if you wish.

ELDERS: Please note there will be space set aside for Elders – please make sure they have the space they need with social distancing measures. There is a dropoff area/loading zone directly outside of Bayside Kitchen for Elders to be dropped off and picked up.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a picnic, camp chair and/or picnic rug, jumpers/rugs to keep warm, and wet-weather gear if needed.

RIVER: Please introduce yourself to the river on your arrival by throwing in a handful of sand.

LIVE STREAM: In case you can’t make it, or wish to sing with us from another location, you can find the link to the livestream by clicking here.

SPACE: Please note there will be six different ‘stations’ based on the Noongar seasons around which you can set up your chairs/blanket/picnic. While remaining socially distanced, please also stay near your original station and don’t move to other stations so that we can all stay safe. There may be fireplaces at these stations. Again, please observe social distancing of at least 1.5 metres, and please spread out across the different stations as much as possible. Station 1: Makuru. Station 2: Djilba. Station 3: Kamberang. Station 4: Birak. Station 5: Bunuru. Station 6: Djeran.

MAP: Here is a rough map of the space (click to enlarge): 

Please feel free to bring your own picnic. (Bayside Kitchen Cafe will also be open for take-away until 6pm.)

DOCUMENTING: We will be documenting this process in order to tell the story more widely, including through Aboriginal-led research. Please contact us if you do not want to appear in any photography, filming or other documentation.


SONG: We are very happy to offer a special, sneak-peek secret release of the Moon Song – it is not finished yet, but this will give you a chance to learn the main parts before we sing together on Monday. Artists include Dr Noel Nannup, Dr Richard Walley, Della Rae Morrison, Kobi Morrison, John Butler, Iain Grandage, Zal Kanga-Parabia and others, put together in his studio by Kavyen Temperley (Eskimo Joe). Boolarung = big/full; Meeka = the Moon; yira = up/rising; yeyi = now.

VIDEO: Here you can also listen to a brief, one-minute video of Noel Nannup explaining the vision for the song:

VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Finally, if you wish to take part in the Virtual Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Summit on Friday evening August 7 and Saturday August 8, please click here.



Join us for Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Social Impact Festival as we walk together towards 2029 (200 years of colonisation in Perth) and beyond.